A few more days before the year ends. I am starting to slow down and start reflecting on the days and months that past. It seemed to me that clocks are going faster now than before.

As I look back and meditate, I think of two things: Being Steady and Winning Christ.

Being a young adult, there’s this force that gravitate you to desire change and adventure. This year, it’s as if the Lord placed me in a formula of so many changes and unknowns, and the challenge is to be STEADY, that is to be established and settled. There were days that everything was rolling, moving and changing, and the Lord was asking me to stand and quiet my heart.

This is when the Lord was establishing His vision for my life. He wants my eyes and heart focused on His plans. He brought me to different places and allowed me to meet new people for the purpose of knowing His heart for them. I must admit that the Lord has been very patient with me in bringing me to this point. He had to do this, to purge any remaining personal plans and human goals in my heart, because He wants to have a pure heart who will only delight to do His perfect will.

One turning point for me this year was my conversation with my spiritual mother. I was telling her how the Lord is unfolding His plans each day, and sharing to her my dreams of going to the nations and hitting the mark. And then, with love and simplicity of heart, she told me, “You know Jam, yes we really need to get into our call and hit the mark, but really, all I want is to get to heaven and be with Christ.”

And that gave me a very important lesson, my vision is to win Christ. All of these works is just a byproduct of my ultimate goal. Whether it be in my family, career, ministry and church, all of my choices, decisions and breathe should point to this direction. He is my All in All.